DAOC-Charplan 1.114

Plans every aspect of the user's character from the Dark Age of Camelot game
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Check out how to assign your skill points and abilities to end up with exactly the character that you wanted. Choose your desired realm, race and class, then experiment with different builds to see the downsides and advantages for each of them. The tool includes lists of all spells, styles, master levels, and champion levels.

DAOC-Charplan is a character planner for Dark Age of Camelot. The character development behaves nearly the same as on Catacombs CB. This program allows you to select a realm, a class, and possibly a race. Also you can place the desired level and decide if you want the realm rank.
On the 3 mainpages you can setup basic-stats (str,dex, etc.), skill (Specialization within the different lines), and realm abilities.

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